Don't come to me if you know exactly what you want.

Come to me if you just want what's best for you or your company.

Because chances are, what you think you want, isn't what you actually need.

The greatest, most common mistake, business owners make, on all levels of scale, is becoming hyper focused on themselves.

They spend their precious time obsessing over which shade of blue works best for their brand colors, or what trend to follow on social media that has nothing to do with their industry, or whatever they think makes them special.

And guess who doesn't care about any of it???

The customer.

They want to feel special. Their lives are too busy making ends meet, taking care of their family, maintaining their relationships with their friends, taking their dog to the vet to get that chew toy he thought was food removed from his stomach, planning their next kitchen remodel, grieving the loss of their cherished dog who passed away on the operating table, and doing everything else that consumes our day-to-day lives, to even remotely care about your brand, your product or service, or why you think you're so important.

You need to spark something inside of them.

Inspire them.

Not just to go buy your product or give your sales staff a call - but to feel something special.

This is increasingly hard to do in our increasingly information-saturated-inter-connected-cluster-f*ck world.

To make an impact you have to not only cut through the fat, but do so in a way that reverberates in people's hearts, minds, eyes, or ears.

This is where the magic happens, and it's where I come in.

My name is Kristopher Dunn and I'm ready to help you help yourself.

The modern world is so desensitizing. My work is a direct outcome of this.

As our society continues to become increasingly dystopian, marketing material has to follow suit.

Imagery has to be disruptive, copy has to be loud, brands have to be uber unique, or efforts are doomed to dust.

This both depresses me and excites me.

I live to challenge norms, but what happens when challenging the norm becomes normal?

Everyone loses their mind.

Welcome to 2024.

I graduated from a mediocre community college a little over 3 years ago.

Afterword, I was hired at a makeshift digital agency at the tip of it's peak.

Much as rollercoaster's heave over their tallest peak; the anticipation of the nose dive quickly set in.

Over the course of 2 jam-packed years, I rode this dive all the way to the bottom, going from a team of 10+ to just 1 - me.

This adrenaline fueled ride was the most enlightening and most terrifying journey of my entire life.

I learned so much by failing on a daily basis.

I realized that fucking up was the only real way to learn.

Before this, I had been too scared, too prideful to make mistakes.

"What if they think I'm stupid?" "What if things go wrong?" "What does this say about me?" Ad infinitum

The anxious mind, like all other minds, is just a narrative we tell ourselves.

Neither anxiety nor courage, optimism nor pessimism, happiness nor sadness, have any tangible power over the other.

But if I am to have a mind, I will choose one that loves.

A mind fueled by compassion, that recognizes it's own fragility, not just for me alone, but for all those who live and have lived.

In doing so, creative collaboration is born.